When we first decided to go Melbourne to our pre-wed, we had no idea where to start researching as we had many things to consider - the makeup artist, transportation, locations and even the accomodation. But Benjamin was very helpful and detailed in the planning throughtout such that Chris and I didn't have to do much. All we had to do was to turn up and look good. Even that, Ben has the ability to make you look even better than actual because he knows how to make the model subject relax and feel good such that the photos turn out natural instead of looking awkward. To be honest, I have not met many photographers who are willing to prioritise getting the best shots over their pricey equipment and Ben is definitely one of them. Oh and Ben's photoshop editting skills are god's mode already!

Chris & Lorraine,

Let me put this right at the onset, choosing to go with Benjamin King Photography for our overseas pre-wedding shoot in Melbourne was the BEST DECISION IN OUR ENTIRE WEDDING PREPARATION!
On our first meeting, I remembered I was first blown away by the uniqueness and classiness of the photos he had in his portfolio. Next was his warm and inviting demeanor, he was extremely friendly to say the least! If we were going to spend 2 whole days with a person who was going to document our love story, this person had to be someone whom we must be extremely comfortable with. Never once did we feel like we were just his clients. Ben was more than our photographer; he was a friend, a good friend we could count on for advice for both the wedding and in life. This was what we treasured most in our wedding preparations, someone whom we could count on knowing that he has our best interests at heart and not just doing the shoot for the monetary gains.

Ben was extremely diligent in his preparations, and did his research well. He knew when were the best times to be at a certain location and had prepared a list of poses/shots he would be taking that day. With all the groundwork done, the 2 days of photoshoot went by like clockwork and we were extremely well taken care of. Ben spared no efforts in getting the perfect shot, he would climb on rocks, lie flat on the cold hard grounds and even crouch in the raging waves just to get the shot that we would all be proud of.

The highlight of the entire pre-wedding shoot had got to be the shot in the ocean at Cape Schanck. We were facing an exponentially fast rising tide situation. The waves were pretty frightening, especially when we had to wade through the waves and scale up the rock in our suits and gowns! Truth be told, we were indeed a little apprehensive about our abilities to battle the waves and Ben’s directions to stand in the middle of the ocean. But trust us, his judgements are mostly never wrong. We’ve seen many pre-wedding photos taken at Cape Schanck, but none of them as cool as ours! So even though we had risked our lives for that shot, it was absolutely worth it! The only downside was Ben running a fever after being submerged in the cold waters for too long.

I remembered the bittersweet feeling we felt as we wrapped up the shoot on the last night. Although we were extremely thrilled by the sneak previews that we saw, we were a little melancholic that our pre-wedding shoot had come to an end. We started missing the photoshoot the second it ended, not just for the nice photos that we had captured, but more of the experience and memories forged over the 2 days of shoot.

We received our first edited photo just days after returning to Singapore and the rest of the photos within a month! Being a perfectionist myself, we were impressed by how his photos were flawless down to the smallest details! But beyond just the extraordinary visual appeal of these photos, each photo told a story, a story that we hope to be reminded of in the many years to come.

Thank you for helping us capture beautiful memories, one pixel at a time!

With much love,

Weiming & Jocelyn

Weiming & Jocelyn,